About the Low Roller service 

Low Roller is an old-school racing advisory service produced by a genuine old-school punter steeped in 30+ years of day-to-day race-betting activity....

The service is built in the image of its author, Tony Fraser – straight-forward, no-nonsense and to the point.... 

The aim is to make a decent second wage via horse-race betting over the long-term – without shelling-out big subscription fees or hefty daily stakes....

Indeed the Low Roller service is custom-designed to appeal to common-garden punters who want to bet throughout the week to affordable stakes whilst always remaining in the mix for bumper returns that can really add up....

The Low Roller service works to a simple but effective format that you can rely on -- 

  • Low Roller targets handicap races run Monday through Friday.

  • Monday to Friday we seek to provide selections in one or two appropriate races. 

  • An appropriate race would be a class 3 or 4 handicap where connections of the winning horse walk away with £7k to £10k. We don’t want to play in lesser races than those because the horses that run in those lesser races are among the most unpredictable, inconsistent, and poor-quality animals in racing. It is hard to find good bets in the lowest-quality handicaps. 

  • We also seek out an appropriate market shape. That means we prefer to play in races with 8 or more runners and will never play in races with less than 7 participants. 

  • We will not have a bet for the sakes of it. If on any given day the races or the horses don't fit the plan, we will have a NO BET day. 

  • Our over-arching objective is to seek out bets at value prices. You don’t need us to advise you that the favourite has a good chance. All-known evidence – as expressed in the market price – tells you that much. On Low Roller, Tony Fraser considers it his job to find the horses that can go well and win at a price. 

  • Tony Fraser advises betting his selections 1-point win or 1-point each-way. Tony makes clear in his emails exactly how he will be betting the selections. 

  • The exact stakes you play to are your business. Some punters are comfortable playing at £5 or £10 per point. Others are happier betting to recreational stakes of £1 per point, for example. It is a case of each to his own. The Low Roller service is custom-designed to give punters of all levels a fighting chance of making a decent few quid out of the bookmakers even when playing to small stakes. 

  • We provide results on the website. 

  • We aim to provide you with our selections via email by 9.30am Monday to Friday. In so doing, we hope to help you bag the best of the available prices before the rest of the market catches on. If you don't receive an email by 9.30am, there isn't a suitable race to bet on that day.

  • Advised prices will reflect the state of play at the time Tony Fraser submits his daily column to the publisher. However, please bear in mind that prices are subject to fluctuation – especially in early-bird markets Monday to Friday. There will be instances where prices disappear. There will also be instances where you can improve on the advised price. 

  • We use the Oddschecker price comparison website as our source of available prices. 

  • Some services create the impression that losing bets are an exception to the general rule. Low Roller is not one of those services. Expect losers. We will have losing races, losing days and losing weeks. Losers are a fact of life if you're going to bet on the horses. 

  • But losing is built into our overall game plan. We don't expect every bet to be a winner. And we don't need every bet to be a winner. The way we play anticipates bad days and seeks to make the most of the good days. When we lose, we lose a little. When we go well, the winning days will take care of plenty of losers and then some.... 

  • Adopt a long-term view. Profis from horse racing occur over time – and never in a straight line. There are ups and downs a-plenty from one point to another. It is snakes and ladders. The key thing is to climb the board over time – enjoying the purple patches when they come and out-staying the inevitable dips in form.